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    Refactored code so that it is shared by cmp and new-cmp: · 6a91d3b4
    Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll authored
    * Use the new proclamations/sysfun.lsp files from the new compiler.
    * We split src/cmp/cmpdefs.lsp into cmpdefs, cmppackage, cmptypes and cmpglobals
    * Split cmpform.lsp out of cmpmac.lsp
    * Merged in {cmp,new-cmp}/cmpc-wt.lsp some of the cmpmac wt routines
    * Use functions instead of macros for the WT-* operations
    * Split out from *cmp/cmpenv.lsp a file cmppolicy.lsp
    * A single file, cmpenv-api.lsp for the manipulation of environments.
    * The type comparison functions go into cmptype-arith.lsp and are cached.
    * The code that propagates types in function calls goes into cmptype-prop.lsp.
    * The remainings of cmpenv go into cmpenv-{declare,proclaim,declaim}.
    Associated fixes:
    * Fixed typo and wrong proclamation for SI:GET-SYSPROP.
    * Fixed typo in SIMPLIFY-ARITHMETIC.
    * Explicitely set the debug level when building ECL
    * All declarations are stored in the compiler environment.
    * Each function and form stores the compilation environment.
    * Declaration POLICY-DEBUG-IHS-FRAME is acts only on the function environment.
    * Make the definition if ihs_env only happen when it is used.
    * Eliminated *notinline*, *inline-functions*  and *function-declarations*
    * Slightly more efficient creation of accessors in kernel.lsp
    * Remove the proxy C2DECL-BODY
    * Fix the order of declarations in SI:PROCESS-DECLARATIONS
    * Reimplemented C1BODY using SI:PROCESS-DECLARATIONS
    * DECLAIM's proclamation do not propagate beyond the compiled file.