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** Announcement
** Enhancements
- less cryptic names in backtraces of C-compiled functions
** Issues fixed
- The generational and precise garbage collector modes work again
- ECL can now use precompiled headers to speed up compilation. Use ~(setq
c::*use-precompiled-headers* nil)~ to disable this feature
** Issues fixed
- the generational and precise garbage collector modes work again
- ~serve-event~ extension may be used simultaneously from different threads now
- several Unicode issues have been fixed thanks to Vladimir Sedach
- encoding issues when reading in the output of the MSVC compiler have been fixed
- inlining of a local function which closes over a variable no longer leads
to miscompilations if a variable with the same name exists at the point
where the function is inlined
- the bytecompiler handles load time forms from literal objects correctly
with regards to the evaluation order and to multiple occurrences of the same
literal object in a single file
** API changes
- a condition ~ext:timeout~ is defined
* 20.4.24 changes since 16.1.3
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