Commit 0f751776 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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tests: add regression test for #594

parent 4e1847f7
......@@ -1921,3 +1921,20 @@
(multiple-value-setq (*a* *b*) (foo))
(and (eq *a* :right-a)
(eq *b* :right-b))))))))
;;; Date 2020-08-14
;;; URL:
;;; Description
;;; The code walker used in DEFMETHOD would call MAKE-LOAD-VALUE
;;; for literal objects encountered during code walking, even while
;;; loading a file or using eval.
(ext:with-clean-symbols (test-class test-method)
(eval '(defclass test-class () ()))
(eval '(defmethod make-load-form ((obj test-class) &optional env)
(error "We shouldn't have called MAKE-LOAD-FORM here.")))
(test cmp.0082.defmethod-make-load-form
(let* ((test-obj (make-instance 'test-class))
(code `(defmethod test-method ()
(finishes (eval code)))))
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