Commit 24e4c13d authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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threading: block interrupts during execution of cleanup forms in unwind-protect

    If we don't do this, execution of the cleanup forms may be
    interrupted or they may not be executed at all. This behaviour
    would probably be acceptable for external code, however the
    unwind-protect mechanism is also used internally to protect
    against deadlocks (e.g. in ECL_WITH_(SPIN)LOCK).
parent 3f0fc4f8
......@@ -474,11 +474,14 @@ extern ECL_API ecl_frame_ptr _ecl_frs_push(register cl_env_ptr, register cl_obje
__unwinding=0; } \
ecl_bds_bind(__the_env,ECL_INTERRUPTS_ENABLED,ECL_T); \
ecl_frs_pop(__the_env); \
__nr = ecl_stack_push_values(__the_env);
ecl_stack_pop_values(__the_env,__nr); \
ecl_bds_unwind1(__the_env); \
ecl_check_pending_interrupts(__the_env); \
if (__unwinding) ecl_unwind(__the_env,__next_fr); } while(0)
#define ECL_NEW_FRAME_ID(env) ecl_make_fixnum(env->frame_id++)
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