Commit 3c708579 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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threading: only save/restore thread local variables in handle_all_queued when actually needed

    We don't need to save/restore outside of signal handlers. Also,
    bignum_registers were not saved. Allocation of the values array
    has been changed to heap allocation, since this array is quite
    large and we may overflow the C stack, if we allocate it there.
parent 6ce7ebc1
......@@ -367,21 +367,30 @@ si_handle_signal(cl_object signal_code, cl_object process)
static void
handle_all_queued(cl_env_ptr env)
/* We have to save and later restore env->function,
* env->nvalues and env->values to ensure that they don't get
* overwritten by the interrupting code */
while (env->interrupt_struct->pending_interrupt != ECL_NIL) {
handle_signal_now(pop_signal(env), env->own_process);
static void
handle_all_queued_interrupt_safe(cl_env_ptr env)
/* We have to save and later restore thread-local variables to
* ensure that they don't get overwritten by the interrupting
* code */
cl_object fun = env->function;
cl_index nvalues = env->nvalues;
cl_object values[ECL_MULTIPLE_VALUES_LIMIT];
cl_object* values = ecl_alloc_atomic(ECL_MULTIPLE_VALUES_LIMIT*sizeof(cl_object));
memcpy(values, env->values, ECL_MULTIPLE_VALUES_LIMIT*sizeof(cl_object));
cl_object big_register[3];
memcpy(big_register, env->big_register, 3*sizeof(cl_object));
/* We might have been interrupted while we push/pop in the
* stack. Increasing env->stack_top ensures that we don't
* overwrite the topmost stack value. */
while (env->interrupt_struct->pending_interrupt != ECL_NIL) {
handle_signal_now(pop_signal(env), env->own_process);
memcpy(env->big_register, big_register, 3*sizeof(cl_object));
memcpy(env->values, values, ECL_MULTIPLE_VALUES_LIMIT*sizeof(cl_object));
env->nvalues = nvalues;
env->function = fun;
......@@ -619,7 +628,7 @@ handler_fn_prototype(process_interrupt_handler, int sig, siginfo_t *siginfo, voi
} else if (!interrupts_disabled_by_lisp(the_env)) {
unblock_signal(the_env, sig);
errno = old_errno;
......@@ -752,7 +761,7 @@ handler_fn_prototype(sigsegv_handler, int sig, siginfo_t *info, void *aux)
mprotect(the_env, sizeof(*the_env), PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE);
the_env->disable_interrupts = 0;
unblock_signal(the_env, sig);
} else if (the_env->disable_interrupts &&
((char*)(&the_env->disable_interrupts+1) <= (char*)info->si_addr) &&
......@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ struct cl_env_struct {
/* ... arithmetics ... */
/* Note: if you change the size of these registers, change also
/* FIXME: actually use BIGNUM_REGISTER_SIZE; Also fix
handle_all_queued_interrupt_safe in unixint.d */
cl_object big_register[3];
cl_object own_process;
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