Commit 5e99481b authored by Dima Pasechnik's avatar Dima Pasechnik
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modern macOS does not need libm.dylib, nor has it

parent e5d83363
......@@ -221,11 +221,11 @@ Build and load this module with (compile-file "uffi.lsp" :load t)
;; This toplevel statement notifies the compiler that we will
;; need this shared library at runtime. We do not need this
;; statement in windows.
;; statement in windows or modern macOS.
;; The actually needed path to libm might be different on different systems.
#-(or ming32 windows)
(ffi:load-foreign-library #+darwin "/usr/lib/libm.dylib"
#-darwin "/usr/lib/")
#-(or ming32 windows darwin)
(ffi:load-foreign-library "/usr/lib/")
;; With this other statement, we import the C function sin(),
;; which operates on IEEE doubles.
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