Commit 6f9d3353 authored by Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll's avatar Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll
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In cmpnum.lsp, MAXIMUM-NUMBER-TYPE outputs the minimum, not the maximum type.

parent 68848505
......@@ -71,13 +71,11 @@
t1 t2))
(when (and (null t1-eq) (type>= i t1))
(setf t1-eq i)
(if (equalp t1 t2)
(setf t2-eq i))
(setf output t1-eq))
(setf t1-eq i output i))
(when (and (null t2-eq) (type>= i t2))
(setf t2-eq i)
(setf output t1-eq)))))
(setf t2-eq i output i)))))
(defun prod/plus-propagator (op1 op2)
(multiple-value-bind (result-type op1-type op2-type)
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