Commit 9176710d authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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src/util: add script to run the testsuite on android

parent 3302289c
export TMPDIR=/data/local/tmp/
cd ${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/lib/
export ECLDIR=${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/lib/ecl-$(./bin/ecl --eval "(princ (lisp-implementation-version))" --eval "(ext:quit)")/
./bin/ecl -norc -eval "(ext:install-bytecodes-compiler)" -load "tests/doit.lsp" -eval "(in-package cl-test)" -eval "(2am-ecl:run 'make-check)" -eval "(ext:exit)"
rm -r ${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/
# This script allows running the ECL test suite on android. USB
# debugging via adb needs to be enabled in order for this to work.
# Simply execute this file from the ECL toplevel directory.
# The script works by pushing the generated binary in `ecl-android/`
# to a temporary directory on the device together with the
# `` script which sets up paths and starts ECL
# on the phone.
export TMPDIR=/data/local/tmp/
adb push ecl-android/ ${TMPDIR}
adb push src/tests/ ${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/
adb push src/util/ ${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/
adb shell "sh ${TMPDIR}/ecl-android/"
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