Commit 9f4a5d4d authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen

disassemble: display generated C source code instead of bytecodes

    This behaviour makes more sense, since the ANSI standard mandates
    that disassemble should compile an interpreted function before
    displaying the output (our own documentation even says so).

    Also fixes disassemble for closures.
parent 71babf1f
......@@ -837,7 +837,7 @@ after compilation."
(compiler-output-values output compiler-conditions))))
(defun disassemble (thing &key (h-file nil) (data-file nil)
&aux def disassembled-form
&aux lexenv disassembled-form
(*compiler-in-use* *compiler-in-use*)
(*print-pretty* nil))
"Compiles the form specified by THING and prints the intermediate C language
......@@ -850,6 +850,12 @@ form. H-FILE and DATA-FILE specify intermediate files to build a fasl file
from the C language code. NIL means \"do not create the file\"."
(when (si::valid-function-name-p thing)
(setq thing (fdefinition thing)))
(when (and (functionp thing) (function-lambda-expression thing))
(multiple-value-setq (thing lexenv)
(function-lambda-expression thing))
(when (eq lexenv t)
(warn "DISASSEMBLE can not disassemble C closures")
(return-from disassemble nil)))
(cond ((null thing))
((functionp thing)
(unless (si::bc-disassemble thing)
......@@ -878,8 +884,10 @@ from the C language code. NIL means \"do not create the file\"."
(open h-file :direction :output :external-format :default)
(t3local-fun (symbol-function 'T3LOCAL-FUN))
(compiler-conditions nil))
(compiler-conditions nil)
(*cmp-env-root* *cmp-env-root*))
(with-compiler-env (compiler-conditions)
(setf disassembled-form (set-closure-env disassembled-form lexenv *cmp-env-root*))
(setf (symbol-function 'T3LOCAL-FUN)
......@@ -178,16 +178,23 @@ This is, however, @emph{useless} in our case, because we are not concerned with
> (defun add1 (x) (1+ x))
> (disassemble *)
;;; Compiling (DEFUN ADD1 ...).
;;; Emitting code for ADD1.
/* function definition for ADD1 */
static L1(int narg, object V1)
/* optimize speed 3, debug 0, space 0, safety 2 */
static cl_object L1add1(cl_object v1x)
cl_object env0 = ECL_NIL;
const cl_env_ptr cl_env_copy = ecl_process_env();
cl_object value0;
VALUES(0) = one_plus((V1));
value0 = ecl_one_plus(v1x);
cl_env_copy->nvalues = 1;
return value0;
@end verbatim
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