Commit a3e1cf7c authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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cmp: correctly restore compile-file(-pathname) in ext:install-c-compiler

    After a call to ext:install-c-compiler while the bytecodes compiler
    is installed, compile-file and compile-file-pathname still point
    to bc-compile-file and bc-compile-file-pathname. Reported and
    fixed by gitlab user pouar. Fixes #444.
parent aad6d252
......@@ -981,8 +981,8 @@ from the C language code. NIL means \"do not create the file\"."
(setf *features* (delete :ecl-bytecmp *features*))
(setf (fdefinition 'disassemble) disassemble
(fdefinition 'compile) compile
(fdefinition 'compile-file) #'compile-file
(fdefinition 'compile-file-pathname) #'compile-file-pathname)
(fdefinition 'compile-file) compile-file
(fdefinition 'compile-file-pathname) compile-file-pathname)
(ext::package-lock (find-package :cl) t)))
(provide 'cmp)
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