Commit abf33455 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen

cmp: intern compiler data symbols into the correct package

    The io-syntax forced all symbols except those in the COMMON-LISP
    package to be written with a package prefix. However the symbols
    could be read when the current package was shadowing symbols in
    the COMMON-LISP package, leading to incorrectly interned symbols.

    Problem reported by Gunter Königsmann on the ecl-devel mailing
parent 48a011cf
......@@ -2171,7 +2171,7 @@ init_read(void)
cl_object var, val;
var = cl_list(24,
var = cl_list(25,
@'*print-pprint-dispatch*', /* See end of pprint.lsp */
......@@ -2192,11 +2192,12 @@ init_read(void)
val = cl_list(24,
val = cl_list(25,
/**pprint-dispatch-table**/ ECL_NIL,
/**print-array**/ ECL_T,
/**print-base**/ ecl_make_fixnum(10),
......@@ -2217,6 +2218,7 @@ init_read(void)
/**read-eval**/ ECL_T,
/**read-suppress**/ ECL_NIL,
/**readtable**/ cl_core.standard_readtable,
/**package**/ cl_core.lisp_package,
/*si::*print-package**/ cl_core.lisp_package,
/*si::*print-structure**/ ECL_T,
/*si::*sharp-eq-context**/ ECL_NIL,
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