Commit c18b6d69 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański Committed by Marius Gerbershagen
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bytecmp: represent bytecodes as a lisp vector

Previously they were passed as an index array, now they are a simple
vector (the cl_object).
parent 4460a8c7
......@@ -2420,29 +2420,25 @@ execute_each_form(cl_env_ptr env, cl_object body)
static cl_index *
static cl_object
save_bytecodes(cl_env_ptr env, cl_index start, cl_index end)
#ifdef GBC_BOEHM
cl_index l = end - start;
cl_index *bytecodes = ecl_alloc_atomic((l + 1) * sizeof(cl_index));
cl_index *p = bytecodes;
for (*(p++) = l; end > start; end--, p++) {
cl_object bytecodes = ecl_alloc_simple_vector(l, ecl_aet_index);
cl_index *p;
for (p = bytecodes->vector.self.index; end > start; end--, p++) {
*p = (cl_index)ECL_STACK_POP_UNSAFE(env);
return bytecodes;
#error "Pointer references outside of recognizable object"
static void
restore_bytecodes(cl_env_ptr env, cl_index *bytecodes)
restore_bytecodes(cl_env_ptr env, cl_object bytecodes)
cl_index *p = bytecodes;
cl_index *p = bytecodes->vector.self.index;
cl_index l;
for (l = *p; l; l--) {
ECL_STACK_PUSH(env, (cl_object)p[l]);
for (l = bytecodes->vector.dim; l; l--) {
ECL_STACK_PUSH(env, (cl_object)p[l-1]);
......@@ -2461,7 +2457,7 @@ compile_with_load_time_forms(cl_env_ptr env, cl_object form, int flags)
* code _before_ the actual forms;
if (c_env->load_time_forms != ECL_NIL) {
cl_index *bytecodes = save_bytecodes(env, handle, current_pc(env));
cl_object bytecodes = save_bytecodes(env, handle, current_pc(env));
/* reverse the load time forms list to make sure the forms are
* compiled in the right order */
cl_object p, forms_list = cl_nreverse(c_env->load_time_forms);
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