Commit dfd24e45 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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Revert "threading: block interrupts during execution of cleanup forms in unwind-protect"

This reverts commit 24e4c13d.
parent 703771fc
......@@ -447,14 +447,11 @@ extern ECL_API ecl_frame_ptr _ecl_frs_push(register cl_env_ptr);
__unwinding=0; } \
ecl_bds_bind(__the_env,ECL_INTERRUPTS_ENABLED,ECL_NIL); \
ecl_frs_pop(__the_env); \
__nr = ecl_stack_push_values(__the_env);
ecl_stack_pop_values(__the_env,__nr); \
ecl_bds_unwind1(__the_env); \
ecl_check_pending_interrupts(__the_env); \
if (__unwinding) ecl_unwind(__the_env,__next_fr); } while(0)
#define ECL_NEW_FRAME_ID(env) ecl_make_fixnum(env->frame_id++)
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