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@c * The interpreter::
@c * The compiler::
@c * Porting ECL::
* Removed features::
@c * Experimental features::
@c * Current roadmap::
@end menu
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@include developer-guide/contributing.txi
@include developer-guide/objects.txi
@include developer-guide/environment.txi
@include developer-guide/removed.txi
@node Removed features
@section Removed features
@c @menu
@c * In-house DFFI:: Hand-written FFI assembly
@c * In-house GC:: ECL's own GC
@c * Green threads:: Lightweight processes
@c * Compiler newcmp:: Experimental compiler architecture
@c @end menu
@c @node In-house DFFI
@subsection In-house DFFI
Commit @code{10bd3b613fd389da7640902c2b88a6e36088c920}. Native DFFI was
replaced by a @code{libffi} long time ago, but we have maintained the
code as a fallback. Due to small number of supported platforms and no
real use it has been removed in 2016.
@c @node In-house GC
@subsection In-house GC
Currently broken GC is present in files @code{src/c/alloc.d} and
@code{src/c/gbc.d}. Native GC is replaced by a @code{boehm gc}.It is
planned in an indefinite future to add the native GC back as a fallback
for unsupported platforms.
@c @node Green threads
@subsection Green threads
Commit @code{41923d5927f31f4dd702f546b9caee74e98a2080}. Green threads
(aka light weight processes) has been replaced with native threads
implementation. There is an ongoing effort to bring them back as an
alternative interface.
@c @node Compiler newcmp
@subsection Compiler newcmp
This was abandoned effort of changing the compiler architecture. Sources
reside in @code{src/newcmp} directory, but they doesn't build nor were
updated for a long time. This interface will be probably removed soon.
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