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    shade is now implemented (wm.lisp). · b20c403d
    hatchond authored
      To {un}shade a window double click on title bar.
      shaded-p widget: [generic function]
      return the actual shade state in the sens of the extended wm
      timestamp: slot of the title-bar class. (NEW)
      :_net_wm_state_shaded added in +netwm-protocol+
    - *double-click-speed*: [global variable]
      use it to customize the time you want for double click.
      Default value: 200 (timestamp unit of the X server)
    - added support for the xvidmode extension
    - added support for :net_wm_state_{below, above} in input.lisp
    - the following methods have created for manipulating widgets stacking
      - put-on-top widget [generic function]
        sets the widget stacking order on top of the others.
      - put-on-bottom widget [generic function]
        sets the widget stacking order on bottom of the others (except if
        any widget with :_net_wm_type_desktop is present and widget is or
        an application or a decoration).
    - various  bug fix and improvements:
      - typo fix *wRAp-pointer-when-cycle* => *wARp-pointer-when-cycle*
      - set-focus now cares of the map state of the window it is supose to
        gives the focus to. (Should avoid lots of match-error).
        Wrong nil timestamp has been fixed.
      - minor change in the unmap-notify event handling. Closing an
        application should not any more systematically provoke a
        window-error error. (input.lisp)
      - fullscreen-mode should now be correct: the spec say it would be
        better to undecore the window when in fullscreen. It is now how it
        works. (widgets.lisp)
        (One more feature of this function is still under discussion in
        the freedesktop team that may introduce modifications in the
        typo fix full-screen-mode => fullscreen-mode
      - maximize-window signature changes (wm.lisp):
        It now expect an application instead of a decoration.
        This have been done because non decorated window should be
        able to be maximized as well as decorated one. It is now the
        case. It has serval side effects:
         - slot initial-geometry in class decoration doesn't exist
         - new private slot added in class application: max-geometry.
      - minor changes in update-edges-geometry, and move-resize.lisp.
      - clean up in eclipse.lisp (delete unused code).
      - virtual-screen.lisp re-implementation. It now use the X server
        data such the root window tree, and window property that hold the
        desktop number instead of a substructure hold by the root object
        that has to be updated each time you destroy, iconify, unicofy,
        shade, unshade, etc.