Commit 25432c6a authored by Iban Hatchondo's avatar Iban Hatchondo
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added missing test in window-belongs-to-vscreen-p: the window should be in our cache.

parent 51e355f3
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: ECLIPSE-INTERNALS -*-
;;; $Id: virtual-screen.lisp,v 1.8 2003/09/16 14:24:41 hatchond Exp $
;;; $Id: virtual-screen.lisp,v 1.9 2003/10/06 17:57:26 ihatchondo Exp $
;;;Copyright (C) 2002 Iban HATCHONDO
;;; contact :
......@@ -23,16 +23,17 @@
;;;; Private
(defun window-belongs-to-vscreen-p (window scr-num iconify-p)
(let ((n (or (window-desktop-num window) -1))
(wm-state (car (wm-state window)))
(netwm-type (netwm:net-wm-window-type window)))
(and (or (= n scr-num) (= n +any-desktop+))
(or (eq wm-state 1) (and iconify-p (eq wm-state 3)))
(not (member :win_hints_skip_taskbar (gnome:win-hints window)))
(not (member :_net_wm_state_skip_taskbar (netwm:net-wm-state window)))
(not (member :_net_wm_window_type_desktop netwm-type))
(not (member :_net_wm_window_type_dock netwm-type)))))
(defun window-belongs-to-vscreen-p (win scr-num iconify-p)
(when (lookup-widget win)
(let ((n (or (window-desktop-num win) -1))
(wm-state (car (wm-state win)))
(netwm-type (netwm:net-wm-window-type win)))
(and (or (= n scr-num) (= n +any-desktop+))
(or (eq wm-state 1) (and iconify-p (eq wm-state 3)))
(not (member :win_hints_skip_taskbar (gnome:win-hints win)))
(not (member :_net_wm_state_skip_taskbar (netwm:net-wm-state win)))
(not (member :_net_wm_window_type_desktop netwm-type))
(not (member :_net_wm_window_type_dock netwm-type))))))
(defun map-or-unmap-vscreen (fun scr-num)
(loop for widget being each hash-value in *widget-table*
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