Commit 51e355f3 authored by Iban Hatchondo's avatar Iban Hatchondo
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minor change in undecore-application and the handling of configure-notify.

parent 55a7ffad
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: ECLIPSE-INTERNALS -*-
;;; $Id: input.lisp,v 1.18 2003/10/01 18:26:35 hatchond Exp $
;;; $Id: input.lisp,v 1.18 2003/10/06 17:57:26 ihatchondo Exp $
;;; ECLIPSE. The Common Lisp Window Manager.
;;; Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002 Iban HATCHONDO
......@@ -75,7 +75,8 @@
;; Acording to the ICCCM we should send a synthetic configure-notify,
;; when we move a window but without resizing it.
(unless (or (logbitp 2 value-mask) (logbitp 3 value-mask))
(send-configuration-notify window))
(when (application-p (lookup-widget window))
(send-configuration-notify window)))
(defmethod event-process :after ((event destroy-notify) (widget base-widget))
......@@ -222,12 +223,13 @@
(when (application-p (lookup-widget (event-window event)))
(with-slots ((master-win event-window) (app-window window) x y) event
(with-slots (left-margin top-margin) (decoration-frame-style master)
(multiple-value-bind (old-x old-y) (window-position app-window)
(when (eql (decoration-application-gravity master) :static)
(decf x left-margin) (decf y top-margin))
(unless (= old-x left-margin) (setf (xlib:drawable-x master-win) x))
(unless (= old-y top-margin) (setf (xlib:drawable-y master-win) y)))
(resize-from (lookup-widget app-window))
(if (eql (decoration-application-gravity master) :static)
(setf (window-position master-win) (values (- x left-margin)
(- y top-margin)))
(multiple-value-bind (ax ay) (window-position app-window)
(unless (= ax left-margin) (setf (xlib:drawable-x master-win) x))
(unless (= ay top-margin) (setf (xlib:drawable-y master-win) y))))
(resize-from (lookup-widget app-window))
(with-event-mask (master-win)
(update-edges-geometry master)
(setf (window-position app-window) (values left-margin top-margin))
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