Commit 68355290 authored by Iban Hatchondo's avatar Iban Hatchondo
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fix activate-move-resize, finish-resize when mode is box and verbose is t

parent d4dc1740
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: ECLIPSE-INTERNALS -*-
;;; $Id: move-resize.lisp,v 1.6 2003/10/06 17:57:26 ihatchondo Exp $
;;; $Id: move-resize.lisp,v 1.7 2003/10/09 11:36:18 ihatchondo Exp $
;;; ECLIPSE. The Common Lisp Window Manager.
;;; Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002 Iban HATCHONDO
......@@ -93,19 +93,26 @@
(defun activate-move-resize (master root status mode verbose-p)
"Sets some internal values for the future move or resize animations."
(with-slots ((master-window window) gcontext active-p) master
(with-slots (resize-status move-status current-active-decoration window) root
(with-slots (resize-status move-status current-active-decoration window) root
(with-slots ((master-window window) gcontext active-p) master
(when (and active-p (not (or resize-status move-status)))
(or *clone* (initialize-clone))
(update-clone master)
(setf (slot-value root status) t
current-active-decoration master)
(when verbose-p
(multiple-value-bind (x y w h) (window-geometry master-window)
(if (eq status 'resize-status)
(multiple-value-bind (a b c d iw ih bw bh)
(decoration-wm-hints master)
(declare (ignore a b c d))
(display-geometry (/ (- w bw) iw) (/ (- h bh) ih)))
(display-coordinates x y))))
(when (eq mode :box)
(xlib:grab-server *display*)
(draw-window-grid master-window gcontext window))
(when verbose-p
(draw-window-grid master-window gcontext window))))))
;;;; Resize.
......@@ -266,7 +273,6 @@
;; and when root-resize-status is not nil.
(defun finish-resize (master &optional verbose-p mode)
"Terminate the resize work. (undraw grid, geometry infos, ...)"
(when verbose-p (undraw-geometry-info-box))
(with-slots (window gcontext) master
(when (and (decoration-active-p master) (eql mode :box))
(draw-window-grid (widget-window *clone*) gcontext *root-window*)
......@@ -275,6 +281,7 @@
(setf (window-position window) (values x y)
(drawable-sizes window) (values w h))
(resize-from master))))
(when verbose-p (undraw-geometry-info-box))
(setf *card-point* nil))
;;;; Move.
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