Commit db85bf76 authored by Iban Hatchondo's avatar Iban Hatchondo
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fix inconsitency in menu-3-process.

parent d4aa91a8
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: ECLIPSE-INTERNALS -*-
;;; $Id: wm.lisp,v 1.34 2004/01/23 15:41:43 ihatchondo Exp $
;;; $Id: wm.lisp,v 1.35 2004/02/12 23:30:22 ihatchondo Exp $
;;; ECLIPSE. The Common Lisp Window Manager.
;;; Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002 Iban HATCHONDO
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@
(t (values x y))))
(multiple-value-bind (x y) (window-position app-window)
(values (max 0 (- x left-margin)) (max 0 (- y top-margin))))))))
(defun make-decoration (app-window application &key theme)
(unless theme (setf theme (root-decoration-theme *root*)))
(let* ((dstyle (find-decoration-frame-style theme app-window))
......@@ -567,21 +567,30 @@
(xlib:ungrab-pointer *display*)
(defmethod menu-3-process ((ev motion-notify) (ap application) &key key)
(when (application-active-p ap)
(when (eql key :move)
(activate-move-resize ap *root* 'move-status *move-mode* *verbose-move*))
(defmethod menu-3-process ((event button-release) (app application) &key key)
(declare (ignorable event))
(cond ((eql key :move) (finish-move app *verbose-move* *move-mode*)))
(defmethod menu-3-process ((ev button-release) (dec decoration) &key key)
(cond ((eql key :resize) (finish-resize dec *verbose-resize* *resize-mode*))
((eql key :move) (finish-move dec *verbose-resize* *resize-mode*)))
(defmethod menu-3-process ((ev motion-notify) (app application) &key key)
(when (eql key :move)
(activate-move-resize app *root* 'move-status *move-mode* *verbose-move*)
(application-active-p app)))
(defmethod menu-3-process ((ev motion-notify) (master decoration) &key key)
(when (decoration-active-p master)
(cond ((eql key :resize)
master *root* 'resize-status *resize-mode* *verbose-resize*))
((eql key :move)
master *root* 'move-status *move-mode* *verbose-move*)))
(when (or (eql key :resize) (eql key :move))
(multiple-value-call #'activate-move-resize
master *root*
(cond ((eql key :resize)
(values 'resize-status *resize-mode* *verbose-resize*))
((eql key :move)
(values 'move-status *move-mode* *verbose-move*))))
(decoration-active-p master)))
(defmethod menu-3-process ((event enter-notify) (app application) &rest rest)
(declare (ignorable event rest))
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