1. 05 Nov, 2003 1 commit
  2. 06 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      - Window rotation (Alt-Tab) re-designed. It now works as in almost · 5abdb7f3
      Iban Hatchondo authored
        every window managers. Press Alt-Tab once will raise the next
        application, on the current desktop, according to the current
        stacking order. If Alt is released then pressing again Alt-Tab will
        put back the precedent application. Otherwise if you kipped Alt down
        then Tab again and the next application will be brought on top of the
        others, and the precedent one is back on its depth. And so on
        until you come back on the first one.
        The same mechanism is available with say Alt-a. It just rotate
        windows on the other sens.
      - The window rotation may be verbose by displaying a small window
        indicating the name and the icon, if provided, of the application
        that comes on top of the others.
        To disable it do (setf *verbose-window-cycling* nil) in your eclipse
        config file.
      - The window rotation may also cycle the current desktop iconified
        applications. To disable it do (setf *cycle-icons-p* nil) in
        your eclipse config file.
      - Screen edges are now resistant.
      - fix menu bug. They don't anymore appear below their applications.
      - a maximized window does not allow anymore to be resized in the
        directions in which it has been maximized.
      - the message-box may now display a centered pixmap before the text.
      - package.lisp updated.
      - man page updated.
      - changelog updated.
  3. 07 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      ignore upadted and added in lib lib/clx-ext. · bb6352fc
      hatchond authored
      misc.lisp: wrong type in geometry structure.
      input.lisp: Erik Enge patch for focus widget when click on maximize/menu button
      The rest is Christian Lynbech patch for eclipse buildings scripts (configure.in Makefile.in ... new file config.lisp.in)
      Thanks to both of you for your patches.
  4. 07 Nov, 2002 3 commits
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      created an eclipse-internals package. · 6edb0897
      hatchond authored
      some bugs fix.
      some functionalities added.
      file splitting to reorganize the project a little:
       - wm.lisp and global.lisp had been splitted into:
      	- widgets.lisp (base-widget, root, application, buttons, ...)
      	- input.lisp (general event processing)
      	- gestures.lisp (key-combo, cursor movement)
      	- eclipse.lisp (Top level functions)
      	- move-resize (moving and resizing master)
      	- misc.lisp (...)
      	- lib/clx-ext/clx-extensions.lisp
       - gnome-manager.lisp had been splitted into:
      	- manager-commons.lisp
      	- gnome-manager.lisp
      	- netwm-manager.lisp
      one directory added with one sub-directory: lib and lib/clx-ext
      a new package clx-extensions in lib/clx-ext
      some files had moved:
      	- image-reader.lisp into lib
      	- event.lisp ...... into lib/clx-ext
      	- cursor.lisp ..... ----------------
      	- cursordef.lisp .. ----------------
      	- keysysms.lisp ... ----------------
      	- keysymdef.lisp .. ----------------
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