1. 28 Aug, 2003 3 commits
  2. 11 Jun, 2003 1 commit
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      - package.lisp: now export almost every symbols. They are sorted in · 64c49c91
      hatchond authored
        alphabetical order and type order (class, generic function,
        function, ...)
      - input.lisp: minor modification in event-process for client-message on
        application. An application that does not support to be maximized in
        fullscreen don't have the _net_wm_state_fullscreen property sets
      - lib/clx-patch.lisp: fixed bug found in input-focus.
      - wm.lisp:
         focused-p modified.
         dispatch-repaint: new method for the repaint protocol.
         draw-focused-decoration & draw-unfocused-decoration: removed.
      - widget.lisp:
         focused-p modified.
         repaint implementations for icon, button and box-button.
      - themer.lisp: themes are now defined in their own packages.
      - themes/*/theme.lisp: All default themes converted in this new
      The rest concern what we discuss on precedent post about a repaint
      The two generic functions draw-on-focus-{in,out} had been supressed in
      favor of a single one named repaint.
       repaint widget name focus [generic function]
        This method is dedicated to widget repaint such as every buttons,
        icons, edges ...
        It is specialized on widget type, theme name (via an eql
        specializer) and a boolean that indicate if the corresponding
        toplevel (type decoration) is or not focused.
        Except for standard expose events, the repaint dispatching on focus
        change will be perform according to parts-to-redraw-on-focus list
        given in define-theme.
        The core of eclipse provide some basic implementation for the
        repaint method:
        (defmethod repaint ((widget base-widget) theme-name (focused-p t))
        (defmethod repaint ((widget button) theme-name (focused-p t))
          ;; draw a pixmap if the button provide a pixmap to display when
          ;; toplevel is focused.
          ;; in case of title bar draw a centered text corresponding to the app
          ;; name.
        (defmethod repaint ((widget button) theme-name (focused-p null))
          ;; clear the button.
        (defmethod repaint ((widget box-button) theme-name focused-p)
          ;; draw the message that is displayed by this box.
        (defmethod repaint ((widget icon) theme-name focused-p)
          ;; draw the icon name if aplication does not provide a pixmap for it.
        This method is expected to be overloaded by theme implementors as
        well as to be exported by theme package definition.
        Theme implementation notes:
         - themes are supposed to be defined in their own packages.
         - theme package definition should be suplied.
         - the naming convention for themes packages is:
         Typically a theme package will export at least two symbols:
          - REPAINT
         Here comes an example of how defining a theme (see our predefined
         themes for more):
         ;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: FOO-ECLIPSE-THEME -*-
         ;;; GPL Disclaimer for example.
         ;;; file theme.lisp
         (common-lisp:in-package :common-lisp-user)
         (defpackage "FOO-ECLIPSE-THEME"
           (:use eclipse clx-ext common-lisp)
           (:size 10)
           (:export repaint initialize-frame)
            "Foo theme decoration for the eclipse window manager. Written by ...")
         (in-package "FOO-ECLIPSE-THEME")
         (define-theme "Foo"
             ;; the rest of the definition
         (defmethod repaint ((widget title-bar) (name (eql "Foo")) (focus t))
           "handle repaint WHEN focused."
           ;; do some stuff
         (defmethod repaint ((widget title-bar) (name (eql "Foo")) (focus null))
           "handle repaint WHEN NOT focused."
           ;; do some stuff
         (defun bar ()
           ;; do what you want
         ;;; end of theme.lisp
  3. 14 May, 2003 1 commit
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      ICCCM complience and extended window manager specification complience. · eaabc4cf
      hatchond authored
       - bugs fix relative to ewt wm spec (i.e.: we now should interact correctly with gnome 2.2)
       - added ICCCM session managment complience: we now use/react to the owning of the WM_S{screen number} selection. see ICCCM 2.8
      we still need gnome session managment conection.
  4. 13 May, 2003 1 commit
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      applied Christian Lynbech patch for icon managment: · afc32f42
      hatchond authored
      "Here is a diff that adds what I think is improved icon handling. It
      provides an icon box, ie. a configurable place where icons are
      stacked. As part of this change, I have changed the default location
      of icons from (750,50) to (0,0). If the icon box overflows, icons will
      be created ayt (0,0). I have also decreased the default height from 60
      to 20 to minimize the space waste (if the application supplies an
      icon, it will of course take precedence).
      The patch allso adds different kinds of sorting options. Icons can be
      sorted by creation time (I have added a new slot in the `icon' class)
      or name or class (or whatever else you can think of).
      Unrelated to the icon box thing, the patch also contains a set of
      application inspection function (see the end of "misc.lisp"), A
      disabling of the expression that removes the "Exit" entry in the root
      menu so that you can close Eclipse down and finally a new option,
      *close-display-p*, that regulates whether exiting Eclipse also kills
      the entire X session (if *close-display-p* is nil, Eclipse will just
      It still needs a few things, such as the possibility of disabling the
      icon box and other fill orders than :top-right (ie. filling from the
      top right corner of the box).
      Let me know what you think."
      plus small corrections from me (for fullscreen-mode, but it still cause problems).
  5. 07 Apr, 2003 3 commits
  6. 21 Mar, 2003 1 commit
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      added one missing specialized method focus-widget on push-button. · 14d8ecda
      hatchond authored
      The rest is more or less some netwm complience improvement (fullscreen, hidden, icon-name, maximized).
       - initial-geometry decoration slot type changed: it is now a struct defined in misc.lisp.
       - the same slot has been add in application for fullscreen purpose.
       - fix bogus undecore-application.
  7. 19 Mar, 2003 6 commits
  8. 17 Mar, 2003 1 commit
  9. 16 Mar, 2003 12 commits
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      mouse stroke add. · 4d8a1809
      hatchond authored
      new options add.
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      fix resize problems when invoked from the third root menu or by mouse stroke. · e28ff306
      hatchond authored
      It now behave as expected. (At least I presume the current behavior to be the expected one)
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      event-process ((event keyboard-pointer-event) (root root))) · 673067ef
      hatchond authored
      event-process ((event keyboard-event) (root root)))
        - support for mouse strokes in:
          event-process ((event button-press) (root root)
        - support for mapping-notify:
          event-process ((event mapping-notify) null-widget
      fix some focus inconsistency in on-click policy.
      support for net-wm-state in event-process for client-message.
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      typo fixed. · dada5a45
      hatchond authored
      procede-decoration code is inside an unwind-protect.
      support for focus-new-mapped-window
      support for :_net_wm_state_maximized_horz/vert :_net_wm_state_fullscreen.
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      fix typo. · 17d1ea2c
      hatchond authored
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      - *wrap-pointer-when-cycle* new option. · 6bbb05d8
      hatchond authored
      - *focus-new-mapped-window* new option.
      - *focus-when-window-cycle* new option.
      aVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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      fix some desktop-number inconsistency when it was equal to +any-desktop+ · 78a41366
      hatchond authored
      fix some focus inconsistency under on-click policy.
      - *focus-new-map-window* is a new option:
          to do that a new application slot had been add: wants-focus-p
          who is sets to *focus-new-map-window* at map-request time, and at iconify
          time. (Maybe we don't want it at iconify time, just tell me)
          Then when we process a visibility-notify event we just give it or
          not the focus according the wants-focus-p value.
      - *focus-when-window-cycle* is a new option.
      - *wrap-pointer-when-cycle* is a new option:
          move or not pointer during window cycling.
        - lookup-widget (window) [function]
          returns the widget cache for the window or null
          (It is done to avoid proliferation of (gethash window *widget-table*))
          had been declared inline.
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      The inner screen lists have been fired for vetor with fill-pointer. · dfc323d2
      hatchond authored
      One function add (exported):
       - restack-window (window screen &key (position 0)) [function]
         Changes the actual window position for the given one in the given screen.
         Does nothing if window insn't in the given screen.
         Does nothing if new position is out of the screen bounds.
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      Major modification to handle mapping-notify event. · c7d161d7
      hatchond authored
      Added mouse-stroke.
      please feel free to comment the next.
      (some minor changes in the action-key->lambda function where two
      entries had been added as predifined strokes: :move-window
      :resize-window they are mouse stroke).
         - stroke [protocol class]
         - stroke-name stroke [generic function]
           return the the name of the stroke as keyword.
         - default-modifiers-p stroke [generic function]
           return true if the default-modifiers should be applied. The
      default modifiers are :NUM-LOCK and :CAPS-LOCK
         - stroke-modifiers stroke [generic function]
           return a keyword list that represent the set of all possible
      modifiers used for creating this stroke. If the car of the returned
      list is :AND, then the modifiers cdr list should be considered as a
         - stroke-action stroke [generic function]
           return the action (lambda (event) ..) to perform when this stroke
      is invoked.
         - stroke-keys stroke [generic function]
           return the keycodes list of the differents possible keys to
      invoke that stroke. (In the case of a mouse stroke, this list should
      contain one and only one integer ; which is a mouse button)
         - lookup-keystroke (code state) [function]
           return the keystroke that is registered for this particular
      combination (keycode . state), or nil.
         - lookup-mouse-stroke (button state) [function]
           return the mouse stroke hat is registered for this particular
      combination (button . state), or nil.
         - keycode-registered-p (keycode &optional (count 1)) [function]:
           return true if a keycode is used in the indicated range for
      registering a keystroke.
         - unregister-all-keystrokes () [function]:
           unregister all defined keystrokes.
         - register-all-keystrokes () [function]:
           register all defined keystrokes.
         - unregister-all-mouse-strokes () [function]:
           unregister all defined mouse-strokes.
         - register-all-mouse-strokes () [function]:
           register all defined mouse-strokes.
         - action ((&rest f1) (&rest f2)) [macro]:
           used to define a stroke action
           It simply checks for keywords :press or  :release
                       to  be the car of the forms and produces function
                       as follows:
                           (action (:press form1 form2) ())
                           (action () (:press form1 form2))
                              ==> (lambda (event)
                                    (typepcase event
                                      (key-press form1 form2)
                                      (key-release nil)))
                             (:release form1 form2)
                             (:press another-form))
                              ==> (lambda (event)
                                    (typepcase event
                                      (key-press another-form)
                                      (key-release form1 form2)))
         - keystroke [class] represent a keystroke.
         - make-keystroke (name key-name-set modifiers default-modifiers-p
      action) [function]
           return a newly created keystroke.
         - keystroke-p (object) [function]
           return true if object is a keystroke.
         - mouse-stroke [class] represent a mouse-stroke.
         - make-mouse-stroke (name button modifiers default-modifiers-p
      action) [function]:
           return a newly created mouse-stroke.
         - mouse-stroke-p (stroke) [function]:
           return true if object is a mouse-stroke.
         - define-key-combo (name &key keys
      			        (default-modifiers-p t)
      				(modifiers :any)
           [function]: user interface to define keystroke.
           modifiers can be passed as:
             - composition of modifiers as '(:and :ALT-LEFT :CONTROL-RIGHT)
             - a simple modifier as :ALT-LEFT or 18 (a modifier mask)
             - a list of possible modifiers as '(:ALT-LEFT :CONTOL-RIGHT)
           keys is alist of keyword keys (see keysymdef.h)
           fun is function as defined by the macro action or by:
              (lambda (event) ...)
         - define-mouse-combo (name &key button
      				 (default-modifiers-p t)
      				 (modifiers :any)
           [function]: user interface to define mouse stroke.
           modifiers can be passed as:
             - composition of modifiers as '(:and :ALT-LEFT :CONTROL-RIGHT)
             - a simple modifier as :ALT-LEFT or 18 (a modifier mask)
             - a list of possible modifiers as '(:ALT-LEFT :CONTOL-RIGHT)
           button is an integer that represent a mouse button.
           fun is function as defined by the macro action or by:
              (lambda (event) ...)
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      - lib/clx-ext/event.lisp: · ff403284
      hatchond authored
      two classes added, and some inheriting changed
        (defclass pointer-event (keyboard-pointer-event) ()) ;; added
        (defclass button-press (pointer-event) ())
        (defclass button-release (pointer-event) ())
        (defclass motion-notify (pointer-event) ())
        (defclass keyboard-event (keyboard-pointer-event) ()) ;; added
        (defclass key-press (keyboard-event) ())
        (defclass key-release (keyboard-event) ())
      - lib/clx-ext/package.lisp modified for exporting those two classes.
      - lib/clx-ext/keysyms.lisp:
      minor changes for handling mapping-notify event
         - modifier-map-changed-p display [function]:
           return true if the cached modifier map is obsolete in regards of
      the X server information. (exported)
  10. 15 Mar, 2003 1 commit
  11. 10 Feb, 2003 1 commit
  12. 03 Feb, 2003 1 commit
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      commit Christian Lynbech patch: · 0b992080
      hatchond authored
      CMUCL seems to have tighten the handling of certain things so this
      patch will do three necessary things:
      - in system.lisp (compile-theme) remove path from :output-file name as
        this includes path specs from the input file.
      - in wm.lisp (menu-3-prcess) removes the &allow-other-keys which CMUCL
        18d chokes on (some previous versions seemed more lax, they also
        accepted (lambda (&rest) ...) which 18d does not but you have gotten
        rid of that).
      - in lib/image-reader.lisp (load-ppm) changes function to use two
        streams as there are many things you cannot do on a non-character
        string including calling `unread-char'.
  13. 18 Dec, 2002 1 commit
  14. 12 Nov, 2002 2 commits
  15. 07 Nov, 2002 5 commits