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Doc: Reclassify ASDF error classes to @tindex; Tweak

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......@@ -4309,7 +4309,7 @@ An @code{:inherit-configuration} statement causes the search to recurse with the
specifications from the next configuration in the bulleted list.
@xref{Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files,,Configurations}, above.
@vindex @code{asdf::*user-cache*}
@vindex asdf::*user-cache*
@code{:enable-user-cache} is the same as @code{(t :user-cache)}.
......@@ -4527,17 +4527,17 @@ But so are good design ideas and elegant implementation tricks.
@node Error handling, Miscellaneous additional functionality, Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter Error handling
@tindex system-definition-error
@tindex operation-error
@section ASDF errors
If ASDF detects an incorrect system definition, it will signal a generalised instance of
Operations may go wrong (for example when source files contain errors).
These are signalled using generalised instances of
@section Compilation error and warning handling
@vindex *compile-file-warnings-behaviour*
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