Commit 56b62af8 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Draft style warning for missing metadata.

parent d4b55321
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
#:defsystem #:register-system-definition
#:class-for-type #:*default-component-class*
#:determine-system-directory #:parse-component-form
#:non-toplevel-system #:non-system-system
#:non-toplevel-system #:non-system-system #:missing-metadata
#:sysdef-error-component #:check-component-input))
(in-package :asdf/parse-defsystem)
......@@ -73,6 +73,15 @@
(format s (compatfmt "~@<Error while defining system: component ~S claims to have a system ~S as a child~@:>")
(non-toplevel-system-parent c) (non-toplevel-system-name c)))))
(define-condition missing-metadata (style-warning)
((system-name :initarg :system-name :reader system-name)
(missing-metadata :reader missing-metadata :initarg :missing-metadata))
(:report (lambda (c s)
(format s (compatfmt "Standard metadata item~P missing from definition of system ~a: ~{~A~^, ~}")
(missing-metadata c)
(system-name c)
(missing-metadata c)))))
(defun sysdef-error-component (msg type name value)
(sysdef-error (strcat msg (compatfmt "~&~@<The value specified for ~(~A~) ~A is ~S~@:>"))
type name value))
......@@ -264,6 +273,11 @@ system names contained using COERCE-NAME. Return the result."
(coerce-name (component-system component))))
(defparameter *required-metadata*
'(author description
licence ; note UK spelling of slotname
(defun register-system-definition
(name &rest options &key pathname (class 'system) (source-file () sfp)
defsystem-depends-on &allow-other-keys)
......@@ -302,11 +316,21 @@ system names contained using COERCE-NAME. Return the result."
(error 'non-system-system :name name :class-name (class-name class)))
(unless (eq (type-of system) class)
(change-class system class)))
nil (list*
:module name
:pathname (determine-system-directory pathname)
(let ((component
nil (list*
:module name
:pathname (determine-system-directory pathname)
;; check for required metadata
(loop :for slotname :in *required-metadata*
:unless (slot-boundp component slotname)
:collect slotname :into missing
:finally (when missing
(signal 'missing-metadata
:system-name name
:missing-metadata missing)))
(defmacro defsystem (name &body options)
`(apply 'register-system-definition ',name ',options)))
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