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Its notable versions include pre-release 2.27 on February 1st 2013,
first stable release 3.0.1 on May 16th 2013,
major release 3.1.2 on May 6th 2014,
and latest release 3.1.5 on July 21st 2015.
and latest release 3.1.6 on October 17th 2015.
<a id="what_it_is"></a>
<h3>What it is</h3>
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There are probably more.
However, none of these systems seems to ever have had the traction of ASDF,
probably because none was technically superior enough (when at all)
probably because none was technically superior enough (if at all)
to compensate for the first mover advantage.
<h3>Supported Implementations</h3>
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<td align="left"><tt>cormanlisp genera mocl scl</tt></td></tr>
To deal with an old implementation that didn't yet provide ASDF 3,
To deal with an implementation that does not yet provide ASDF 3,
we provide <a href="">a script</a>
that can install ASDF 3 where your implementation goes looking for it
when you <tt>(require "asdf")</tt> .
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<a id="news"></a>
<h3>What is happening</h3>
<dt>October 2015</dt>
<dd>Although we had hoped that ASDF 3.1.5 would be the final release
in the ASDF 3.1 series, a number of bug reports led us to prepare
release 3.1.6. Support for Windows continues to improve, and we wished
to release a number of bug fixes, and support the recent Allegro Common
Lisp 10.0 release.</dd>
<dt>July 2015</dt>
<dd>An extensive bout of bug-fixing, notably on Windows, leads to
release of ASDF 3.1.5 on 21 July 2015. XDG handling has been improved to
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