Commit 15344571 authored by Robert P. Goldm an's avatar Robert P. Goldm an
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Fix UIOP bundling on ECL.

Bundling on ECL wasn't working because UIOP was not properly being detected, because its name wasn't coerced.
Thanks to Marius Gerbershagen.
parent 34d6b6a1
......@@ -529,7 +529,9 @@ which is probably not what you want; you probably need to tweak your output tran
;; If an ASDF upgrade is available from source, but not a UIOP upgrade to that,
;; then use the asdf/driver system instead of
;; the UIOP that was disabled by check-not-old-asdf-system.
(if-let (s (and (equal x "uiop") (output-files 'lib-op "asdf") (find-system "asdf/driver")))
(if-let (s (and (equal (coerce-name x) "uiop")
(output-files 'lib-op "asdf")
(find-system "asdf/driver")))
(and (output-files 'lib-op s) s))
;; If there was no source upgrade, look for modules provided by the implementation.
(if-let (p (system-module-pathname (coerce-name x)))
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