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fiveam-asdf test integration library.

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(in-package :asdf)
(defclass fiveam-tester-system (system)
:initarg :test-names
:reader test-names
:documentation "A list whose elments are either
cons cells of symbol and package designators or
simply a symbol designator.
In the latter case, the symbols will be interned
in the package designated by the TEST-PACKAGE slot,
which must be bound.")
:initarg :default-test-package
:initarg :test-package
:documentation "If all the tests are in one package, you can just
have a list of test names in test-names, and get the package name from
:initarg :num-checks
:reader num-checks
:type (or null (integer 0))
:initform nil
:documentation "How many tests do you expect to run when
you invoke the test-op on this system. For backwards compatibility,
this slot is ignored if it's NIL. If bound, then when running the
test-op, we will fail if the expected number of checks are not run.")
(define-condition fiveam-asdf-failure (error)
:initarg :failed-asdf-component
:reader failed-asdf-component
(:documentation "Superclass of error conditions that indicate that
an ASDF test-op has failed."))
(define-condition fiveam-test-fail (fiveam-asdf-failure)
:initarg :failed
:reader failed
(:report (lambda (x s)
(format s "Tests on system ~a failed: ~{~t~a~%~}"
(component-name (failed-asdf-component x))
(failed x)))))
(define-condition fiveam-wrong-number-of-checks (fiveam-asdf-failure)
:initarg :expected
:initarg :expected-num-checks
:reader expected-num-checks
:initarg :actual-num-checks
:initarg :actual
:reader actual-num-checks
(:report (lambda (x s)
(format s "Unexpected number of tests on system ~a: Expected ~d got ~d."
(component-name (failed-asdf-component x))
(expected-num-checks x)
(actual-num-checks x)))))
(defgeneric test-package (x)
(:method ((x fiveam-tester-system))
(if (slot-boundp x 'test-package)
(slot-value x 'test-package)
(error "If package is not specified with each test-name, system's TEST-PACKAGE slot must be set."))))
(defmethod perform ((op test-op) (sys fiveam-tester-system))
(let* ((test-syms
(loop for x in (test-names sys)
with test-name and package-name and test-sym and package
if (symbolp x)
do (setf test-name x
package-name (test-package sys))
do (assert (and (consp x)
(or (symbolp (car x)) (stringp (car x)))
(or (symbolp (cdr x)) (stringp (cdr x)))))
(setf test-name (car x) package-name (cdr x))
do (setf package (or (find-package package-name)
(error "Unable to find package ~a" package-name)))
(setf test-sym
(etypecase test-name
(string test-name)
(symbol (symbol-name test-name)))
collect test-sym))
(runner (intern (symbol-name '#:run) :fiveam))
(tester (intern (symbol-name '#:results-status) :fiveam))
(explainer (intern (symbol-name '#:explain!) :fiveam))
(results (loop for test in test-syms
appending (funcall runner test))))
(funcall explainer results)
;; if there's an expected number of checks, verify that we have run
;; exactly that number.
(when (num-checks sys)
(let ((actual-num-checks (length results)))
(unless (= actual-num-checks (num-checks sys))
(error 'fiveam-wrong-number-of-checks
:failed-asdf-component sys
:actual actual-num-checks
:expected (num-checks sys)))))
(multiple-value-bind (success failures)
(funcall tester results)
(unless success
(error 'fiveam-test-fail :failed-asdf-component sys :failed failures)))))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((op load-op) (sys fiveam-tester-system))
(cons '(load-op "fiveam") (call-next-method)))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((op compile-op) (sys fiveam-tester-system))
(cons '(load-op "fiveam") (call-next-method)))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(export 'fiveam-tester-system :asdf))
;;; Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Smart Information Flow Technologies, d/b/a SIFT, LLC and
;;; Robert P. Goldman
;;; All rights reserved.
;;; The developers make this software available according to the terms
;;; of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License (LLGPL):
;;; See the accompanying file, license.txt
;;; This system provides functionality to support integrating FiveAM tests with
;;; an ASDF system definition in such a way that invocation of the
;;; ASDF:TEST-SYSTEM function will cause the FiveAM tests to run. An error will
;;; be raised if there are test failures.
(defpackage :fiveam-asdf-asd
(:use :common-lisp :asdf)
(in-package :fiveam-asdf-asd)
(defsystem fiveam-asdf
"System that defines a new system class FIVEAM-TESTER
that provides functionality for running tests using
FIVEAM and raising an error if the tests fail
\(useful for incorporation in a Jenkins or Hudson
:depends-on (:asdf)
:components ((:file "code"))
:author "Robert P. Goldman"
:version "2.0"
:license "Lisp LGPL"
FIVEAM-ASDF is a library enabling suites of FiveAM tests to be
associated with ASDF systems in such a way that ASDF:TEST-SYSTEM will
cause the tests to be run and will raise an exception if something
unexpected happens.
FIVEAM-ASDF is licensed under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU
Public License (, known as
the LLGPL. The LLGPL consists of a preamble (see above URL) and the
LGPL. Where these conflict, the preamble takes precedence.
FIVEAM-ASDF is referenced in the preamble as the "LIBRARY."
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