Commit 4965215c authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Ignore errors in sb-grovel-unknown-constant-condition-p

An error is raised if `simple-condition-format-control` is a formatter function
and is is passed to `string`. This now mirrors `match-condition-p` which also
ignores errors when comparing a simple condition to a string.
parent 0cbeae25
......@@ -121,11 +121,12 @@ This can help you produce more deterministic output for FASLs."))
(defun sb-grovel-unknown-constant-condition-p (c)
"Detect SB-GROVEL unknown-constant conditions on older versions of SBCL"
(and (typep c 'sb-int:simple-style-warning)
"Couldn't grovel for "
(simple-condition-format-control c)
" (unknown to the C compiler).")))
(and (typep c 'sb-int:simple-style-warning)
"Couldn't grovel for "
(simple-condition-format-control c)
" (unknown to the C compiler)."))))
(deftype sb-grovel-unknown-constant-condition ()
'(and style-warning (satisfies sb-grovel-unknown-constant-condition-p))))
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