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......@@ -6385,15 +6385,16 @@ Also, bugs are currently tracked on launchpad:
modulo a different setup for toplevel hierarchies.
@item Zach Beane:
``Quicklisp'', 2011.
The Quicklisp blog and Xach's livejournal contain information on Quicklisp.
The Quicklisp blog and Xach's personal blogs contain information on Quicklisp.
@url{} (new)
@url{} (old)
@item Francois-Rene Rideau and Robert Goldman:
``Evolving ASDF: More Cooperation, Less Coordination'', 2010.
This article describes the main issues solved by ASDF 2,
and exposes its design principles.
@item Francois-Rene Rideau and Spencer Brody:
``XCVB: an eXtensible Component Verifier and Builder for Common Lisp'', 2009.
This article describes XCVB, a proposed competitor for ASDF;
......@@ -6423,7 +6424,7 @@ Also, bugs are currently tracked on launchpad:
are available in the CLOCC repository as @code{defsystem-3.x}.
@item Richard Elliot Robbins:
``BUILD: A Tool for Maintaining Consistency in Modular Systems'', MIT AI TR 874, 1985.
@item Kent M. Pitman (kmp): ``The Description of Large Systems'', MIT AI Memo 801, 1984.
Available in updated-for-CL form on the web at
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