Commit 675b1a9d authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Fix test for clisp compatibility.

Now cleaner and more general.
parent e3af10f0
......@@ -137,7 +137,9 @@
;;; prepare for link farm test
;; clean up first
(describe *link-farm-directory*)
(uiop:delete-directory-tree *link-farm-directory* :validate (lambda (x) (subpathp x *tmp-directory*)))
(when (uiop:directory-exists-p *link-farm-directory*)
(uiop:delete-directory-tree *link-farm-directory*
:validate (lambda (x) (subpathp x *tmp-directory*))))
;; create the link farm
(ensure-directories-exist *link-farm-directory*)
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