Commit 761ef33e authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Suppress pointless warnings in test.

parent 42986b56
......@@ -464,7 +464,9 @@
(assert (directory-pathname-p (system-source-directory (find-system :test-asdf/test-source-directory-2))))
#-gcl ;; expected-failure: GCL crashes badly
(assert (test-component-pathnames :delete-host t :support-string-pathnames nil))
(handler-bind ((bad-system-name #'(lambda (c) (muffle-warning c))))
(test-component-pathnames :delete-host t :support-string-pathnames nil)))
......@@ -15,11 +15,18 @@
`("ln" "-sf" ,(native-namestring asd) ,(native-namestring asd2))
:output t :error-output t :input nil :ignore-error-status t)))))
(oos 'load-source-op (if symlinkp 'test-multiple-too 'test-multiple))
(defmacro with-bad-system-names (&body body)
`(handler-bind ((bad-system-name #'(lambda (c) (muffle-warning c))))
(oos 'load-source-op (if symlinkp 'test-multiple-too 'test-multiple)))
(assert (asymval :*file2* :test-package))
(load-system 'test-multiple-free)
(load-system 'test-multiple-free))
(assert (probe-file* file4))
(assert (asymval :*file4* :test-package))
(setf test-package::*file4* nil)
(load-system 'test-multiple-free)
(load-system 'test-multiple-free))
(assert-equal test-package::*file4* nil)
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