Commit 7a0ad82f authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Make test-multiple more portable

parent 773fface
...@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ test/try-reloading-dependency.asd ...@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ test/try-reloading-dependency.asd
test/fileMissing.lisp test/fileMissing.lisp
test/hello-world-example test/hello-world-example
test/test-include.asd test/test-include.asd
build-stamp build-stamp
;;; -*- Lisp -*- ;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(defparameter asd (subpathname *test-directory* "test-multiple.asd")) (defparameter asd (subpathname *test-directory* "test-multiple.asd"))
(defparameter tmp (subpathname *test-directory* "../build/")) (defparameter asd2 (subpathname *test-directory* "test-multiple-too.asd"))
(defparameter asd2 (subpathname tmp "test-multiple-too.asd"))
(defparameter file4 (test-fasl "file4")) (defparameter file4 (test-fasl "file4"))
(setf *central-registry* `(,*test-directory* ,tmp)) (setf *central-registry* `(,*test-directory*))
;; Don't rely on ln -s because of Windows.
;; Also allows pathname tests to distinguish between asd and asd2
(delete-file-if-exists asd2)
(concatenate-files (list asd) asd2) ;; don't use copy-file, to ensure the timestamp of asd2 is newer.
;; Don't rely on ln -s on Windows
(defparameter symlinkp
(nth-value 2
`("ln" "-sf" ,(native-namestring asd) ,(native-namestring asd2))
:output t :error-output t :input nil :ignore-error-status t)))))
(defmacro with-bad-system-names (&body body) (defmacro with-bad-system-names (&body body)
`(handler-bind ((bad-system-name #'(lambda (c) (muffle-warning c)))) `(handler-bind ((bad-system-name #'(lambda (c) (muffle-warning c))))
,@body)) ,@body))
(with-bad-system-names (with-asdf-session ()
(oos 'load-source-op (if symlinkp 'test-multiple-too 'test-multiple))) (DBG "Loading test-multiple-too, a copy of test-multiple")
(assert (asymval :*file2* :test-package)) (with-bad-system-names
(with-bad-system-names (oos 'load-source-op 'test-multiple-too))
(load-system 'test-multiple-free)) (assert (asymval :*file2* :test-package))
(assert (probe-file* file4)) (assert (not (asymval :*file4* :test-package))) ;; file4 from test-multiple-free is not loaded
(assert (asymval :*file4* :test-package)) ;; All systems loaded from test-multiple-too.asd
(setf test-package::*file4* nil) (assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple)) asd2)
(with-bad-system-names (assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-too)) asd2)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-dep)) asd2)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-free)) asd2))
(with-asdf-session ()
(DBG "Loading test-multiple-free, a badly named secondary system that depends on test-multiple (that was loaded as badly named from test-multiple-too). It shouldn't be found by path, so the existing definition will be used, which will pull test-multiple, which will in turn override test-multiple-too, but test-multiple-free will be locked to the value at the beginning of the session, which uses test-multiple-too.asd (ouch).")
(load-system 'test-multiple-free)) (load-system 'test-multiple-free))
(assert-equal test-package::*file4* nil) (assert (probe-file* file4))
(assert (asymval :*file4* :test-package)) ;; file4 from test-multiple-free is loaded
;; All systems loaded from test-multiple.asd except test-multiple-free stuck with test-multiple-too.asd
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple)) asd)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-too)) asd)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-dep)) asd)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-free)) asd2))
(with-asdf-session ()
(DBG "Loading test-multiple-free again. [I admit I don't fully understand the behavior -fare]")
(setf test-package::*file4* nil)
(DBG :l (asdf/plan:plan-actions (nth-value 1 (oos 'load-op 'test-multiple-free)))))
;; All systems loaded from test-multiple-too.asd [I'm not sure why; it may have to do with timestamp (!) -fare]
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple)) asd2)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-too)) asd2)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-dep)) asd2)
(assert-pathname-equal (system-source-file (registered-system 'test-multiple-free)) asd2)
;; The above unexpected reloading of asd causes file4 to be reloaded
(assert-equal test-package::*file4* t))
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