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Correct the description about feature-dependent requirement of a module

See merge request asdf/asdf!108
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......@@ -1690,9 +1690,8 @@ Instead of a string representing the version,
the @code{:version} argument can be an expression that is resolved to
such a string using the following trivial domain-specific language:
in addition to being a literal string, it can be an expression of the form
@code{(:read-file-form <pathname-or-string> [:at <access-at-specifier]>)},
or @code{(:read-file-line <pathname-or-string> [:at
@code{(:read-file-form <pathname-or-string> [:at <access-at-specifier>])},
or @code{(:read-file-line <pathname-or-string> [:at <access-at-specifier>])}.
As the name suggests, the former will be resolved by reading a form in the specified pathname
(read as a subpathname of the current system if relative or a
unix-namestring), and the latter by reading a line.
......@@ -1717,10 +1716,10 @@ where significant API incompatibilities are signaled by an increased major numbe
Use the implementation's own @code{require} to load the @var{module-name}.
It is good taste to use @code{:if-feature @emph{:implementation-name}}
rather than @code{#+@emph{implementation-name}}
It is good taste to use @code{(:feature @emph{:implementation-name} (:require @var{module-name}))}
rather than @code{#+@emph{implementation-name} (:require @var{module-name})}
to only depend on the specified module on the specific implementation that provides it.
@xref{The defsystem grammar,,Feature dependencies}.
@subsection Feature dependencies
@cindex :feature dependencies
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