Commit aff5583d authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Merge branch 'issue27' into 'master'

Fix primary-system-name for systems without a source file

Closes #27

See merge request asdf/asdf!138
parents 0cbeae25 692a2d61
......@@ -137,16 +137,18 @@ primary system, after which the .asd file in which it is defined is named.
If given a string or symbol (to downcase), do it syntactically
by stripping anything from the first slash on.
If given a component, do it semantically by extracting
the system-primary-system-name of its system."
the system-primary-system-name of its system from its source-file if any,
falling back to the syntactic criterion if none."
(etypecase system-designator
(string (if-let (p (position #\/ system-designator))
(subseq system-designator 0 p) system-designator))
(symbol (primary-system-name (coerce-name system-designator)))
(component (let* ((system (component-system system-designator))
(source-file (physicalize-pathname (system-source-file system))))
(and source-file
(equal (pathname-type source-file) "asd")
(pathname-name source-file))))))
(if source-file
(and (equal (pathname-type source-file) "asd")
(pathname-name source-file))
(primary-system-name (component-name system)))))))
(defun primary-system-p (system)
"Given a system designator SYSTEM, return T if it designates a primary system, or else NIL.
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