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Some cleanup and updates for the new UIOP manual

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......@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@ doc/version.texinfo
......@@ -106,22 +106,27 @@ Each file starts with a package definition form that lists the exported symbols.
All the exported functions, macros and variables ought to have proper docstrings.
If not, then it's a legitimate bug that we invite you to report.
Maybe some automated tool will extract all that information and
You can extract a manual from the docstrings
by running `make` in the directory `uiop/doc`.
Other automated tools may hopefully extract all that information and
make a webpage from it, at which point it would be nice to insert a link here.
But many tools fail to extract useful data.
One tool with which you can extract all the documentation is HEΛP.
At this time, the interface is not great: it isn't obvious at all that you can indeed
use a scrollbar on the right of the top left side panel to navigate the many packages;
once you click on the package you're interested in, you can see its defined symbols:
* <>
The next version of [Declt](
and through it of QuickRef will support extracting the documentation from UIOP:
Another automated documentation tool is quickdocs, but unhappily, at the time of this writing,
it only extracts information from the first package
(see [bug #24](
* <>
Help wanted extracting working documentation from UIOP's docstrings.
......@@ -90,8 +90,13 @@ abstract over discrepancies between implementations, between operating
systems, and between what the standard provides and what programmers
actually need, to write portable Common Lisp programs.
It is organized by topic in many packages, all of which are available
in a single package @code{uiop}.
It is organized by topic in many files, each of which defines its own package
according to its topic: e.g @file{pathname.lisp}
will define package @code{uiop/pathname} and contain utilities related to
the handling of pathname objects.
All exported symbols are reexported in a convenience package @code{uiop},
except for those from @code{uiop/common-lisp}.
We recommend package @code{uiop} be used to access all the symbols.
The following API reference is auto-generated from the docstrings in
the code. The chapters are arranged in dependency order.
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