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See merge request asdf/asdf!100
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......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ Please only define ~S and secondary systems with a name starting with ~S (e.g. ~
;;; "inline methods"
(with-upgradability ()
(defparameter* +asdf-methods+
'(perform-with-restarts perform explain output-files operation-done-p))
'(perform-with-restarts perform explain output-files operation-done-p))
(defun %remove-component-inline-methods (component)
(dolist (name +asdf-methods+)
......@@ -182,19 +182,55 @@ Please only define ~S and secondary systems with a name starting with ~S (e.g. ~
(component-inline-methods component)))
(component-inline-methods component) nil)
(defparameter *standard-method-combination-qualifiers*
'(:around :before :after))
;;; Find inline method definitions of the form
;;; :perform (test-op :before (operation component) ...)
;;; in REST (which is the plist of all DEFSYSTEM initargs) and define the specified methods.
(defun %define-component-inline-methods (ret rest)
;; find key-value pairs that look like inline method definitions in REST. For each identified
;; definition, parse it and, if it is well-formed, define the method.
(loop* :for (key value) :on rest :by #'cddr
:for name = (and (keywordp key) (find key +asdf-methods+ :test 'string=))
:when name :do
(destructuring-bind (op &rest body) value
(loop :for arg = (pop body)
:while (atom arg)
:collect arg :into qualifiers
(destructuring-bind (o c) arg
(eval `(defmethod ,name ,@qualifiers ((,o ,op) (,c (eql ,ret))) ,@body))
(component-inline-methods ret)))))))
;; parse VALUE as an inline method definition of the form
(destructuring-bind (operation-name &rest rest) value
(let ((qualifiers '()))
;; ensure that OPERATION-NAME is a symbol.
(unless (and (symbolp operation-name) (not (null operation-name)))
(sysdef-error "Ill-formed inline method: ~S. The first element is not a symbol ~
designating an operation but ~S."
value operation-name))
;; ensure that REST starts with either a cons (potential lambda list, further checked
;; below) or a qualifier accepted by the standard method combination. Everything else
;; is ill-formed. In case of a valid qualifier, pop it from REST so REST now definitely
;; has to start with the lambda list.
((consp (car rest)))
((not (member (car rest)
(sysdef-error "Ill-formed inline method: ~S. Only a single of the standard ~
qualifiers ~{~S~^ ~} is allowed, not ~S."
value *standard-method-combination-qualifiers* (car rest)))
(setf qualifiers (list (pop rest)))))
;; REST must start with a two-element lambda list.
(unless (and (listp (car rest))
(length=n-p (car rest) 2)
(null (cddar rest)))
(sysdef-error "Ill-formed inline method: ~S. The operation name ~S is not followed by ~
a lambda-list of the form (OPERATION COMPONENT) and a method body."
value operation-name))
;; define the method.
(destructuring-bind ((o c) &rest body) rest
(eval `(defmethod ,name ,@qualifiers ((,o ,operation-name) (,c (eql ,ret))) ,@body))
(component-inline-methods ret)))))))
(defun %refresh-component-inline-methods (component rest)
;; clear methods, then add the new ones
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
#+ignore #+ignore
(signals formatted-system-definition-error
(def-test-system "foo" :perform ((test-op (o c)))))
(leave-test "Correctly detected ill-formed system definition." 0)
(leave-test "Skipping this test for bug not fixed on master." 0)
(leave-test "correctly detected ill-formed system definition." 0)
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