Commit df42a858 authored by Eric Timmons's avatar Eric Timmons
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Skip a broken test on (and ecl os-macosx)

parent 3d2a2591
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......@@ -228,8 +228,12 @@
(signals error (run-program nil :output :lines))
(DBG "Test that run-program fails properly when the executable doesn't exist.")
(signals error (run-program '("does-not-exist") :output :lines))
(signals error (run-program "does-not-exist" :output :lines))
#-(and ecl os-macosx)
(signals error (run-program '("does-not-exist") :output :lines))
(signals error (run-program "does-not-exist" :output :lines)))
#+(and ecl os-macosx)
(DBG "Test skipped on ECL and MacOSX")
(assert-equal '(nil nil 0) (multiple-value-list (run-program "echo ok" :output nil)))
(assert-equal '(nil nil 0) (multiple-value-list (run-program '("echo" "ok") :output nil)))
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