Commit fc406ce1 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Merge branch 'tweaks' into 'master'

In bundle asd don't drop CRLF but substitute space.  Makes banner more pleasing.

See merge request asdf/asdf!139
parents aff5583d d10580e7
......@@ -431,6 +431,9 @@ or of opaque libraries shipped along the source code."))
(declare (ignorable o s))
(defun space-for-crlf (s)
(substitute-if #\space #'(lambda (x) (find x +crlf+)) s))
(defmethod perform ((o deliver-asd-op) (s system))
"Write an ASDF system definition for loading S as a delivered system."
(let* ((inputs (input-files o s))
......@@ -471,8 +474,7 @@ which is probably not what you want; you probably need to tweak your output tran
;; ensure the whole thing is on one line
(print (remove-if #'(lambda (x) (member x (list #\newline #\return))) description-string) s)
(terpri s))
(println (space-for-crlf description-string) s))
(let ((*package* (find-package :asdf-user)))
(pprint `(defsystem ,name
:class prebuilt-system
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
#+(or (and ecl ecl-bytecmp) gcl)
(leave-test "bundles not on implemented this implementation" 0)
(leave-test "bundles not implemented on this implementation" 0)
(defparameter *test-system-name* "deliver-bundle")
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