1. 27 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      Bump version to · 7c484c6f
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      Merge branch 'no-operation-initargs' into 'master' · dc540cd2
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      No operation initargs
      This MR build upon !33 and wholly eliminate the non-sensical and unsupported initargs to operation.
      A casualty is `make-build`, as inherited from asdf-ecl (2005 era) and apparently still used by ECL. @dkochmanski will be pissed, but he'll have to learn about using `program-op` and `program-system` instead — which are supported (and using secondary systems, if for some reason he doesn't want to use `program-system` with primary systems). While we're pissing off @dkochmanski, I'm also removing the trivial and useless function `build-system` in the same directory.
      @epipping I don't think you're interested in reviewing defsystem changes, so I'm assigning directly to @rgoldman for review.
      @rgoldman considering the controversy, you may want to either merge fast before next release and be done with it, or make an announcement at this release and do it for the next release, which lets the wound fester longer, but gives more time for users to adapt (assuming there's more than a single one, which is not that obvious).
      See merge request !34
  2. 26 Nov, 2016 3 commits
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      Fix ECL bundle and tests · 01aa2ff4
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      Push monolithic-op to the back of inheritance, to preserve class-allocated
      slot bundle-type slot in a class in front of the inheritance list.
      Now that make-build was remove,
      adjust some ECL tests to use program-op instead.
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      Work around MOP issues on Allegro · 0221e198
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      Call finalize-inheritance in coerce-class on Allegro.
      Indeed the previous commit uses class meta-objects rather than
      their naming symbols as canonical representation for operations;
      now mark-component-preloaded is called at compile-toplevel and uses those
      representations, but on Allegro the classes haven't been finalized yet,
      and the finalization isn't implicitly triggered by subtypep.
      Moreover, comparing a class object to a symbol with subtypep fails,
      so normalize the super variable to a class object.
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      Get fully rid of operation initargs · 6bb7aa6b
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      ASDF never supported operation initargs, and its component-operation-times
      always assumed that two operations of the same class were equivalent.
      Make it explicitly so and enforce it.
      Do NOT pass keys from operate to make-instance operation.
      Catch any attempt to create an operation with initargs and raise an error.
      Make sure no operation class has any slot that isn't :allocation :class
      (with some MOP magic we could do it in at class definition time,
      but that's not portable enough and we don't want to reimplement closer-mop
      or depend on it.)
      This is a preliminary to allowing CONS instead of NODE-FOR to identify actions,
      whether or not we want to allow some form of initargs in the future.
      Remove MAKE-BUILD that depended on the unsupported operation initargs.
      Use PROGRAM-OP on a PROGRAM-SYSTEM instead.
      Remove the confusingly misnamed and not-so-useful BUILD-SYSTEM function;
      it can be done better in userland.
  3. 25 Nov, 2016 6 commits
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  5. 23 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      Adjust RUN-PROGRAM with a string COMMAND on Windows · b1c3fbb4
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      Always go through CMD in that case, including on Allegro and CLISP, since
      the previous behavior is simultaneously non-portable, error-prone and limited;
      better to provide a portable well-defined abstraction.
      Users who want more can use the (bad) implementation-specific interfaces,
      or IOlib.
      Simplify the call to RUN-PROGRAM.
      Add a PARAMETER-ERROR to %NORMALIZE-COMMAND on unsupported platforms.
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      Fix test-run-program on windows · 3c514bfe
      Elias Pipping authored
      We cannot use `exit` on Windows with :force-shell nil (it's a builtin);
      use `cmd /c exit` instead.
      Using `exit` on Unix with :force-shell nil may or may not work (it's a
      builtin but CL implementations typically invoke a shell anyway).
      `true` and `false` are guaranteed to exist by the POSIX standard.
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