1. 21 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      Record the source of configuration directives in the source-registry config · 61c9e3dd
      Eric Timmons authored
      The source registry configuration is described by a bunch of forms in a DSL
      that allows for inheritance. Before constructing the actual source
      registry (mapping from primary system names to pathnames), the configuration
      DSL is expanded into a list of directories to search and flattened.
      Previously, the flattening process left no indication of *why* a particular
      directory was being searched. We now record that information as a list of
      locations, ordered from most specific to least specific. This list can contain
      any of the following:
      + A symbol: The directive was generated by calling the symbol as a function
      with zero arguments.
      + A directory pathname: The directive came from one of the files located in
      this directory ending with .conf.
      + A file pathname: The directive came from the named file.
      + NIL: The directive came from a literal NIL (simplifies to just an inherit
      + :INHERIT: The directive resulted from inheriting configuration.
      So a source list such as:
      Should be interpretted as: The specified search directory is being searched
      because it was named in one of the files
      /home/USER/.config/common-lisp/source-registry.conf.d/*.conf, which was
      searched as part of the user's source registry directory, which was included
      because the user's source registry conf file was empty or included a
      :inherit-configuration directive, which was included because CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY
      was parsed to something that contained a :inherit-configuration directive,
      which was included because the user did not manually specify a configuration to
      use, which was then included by the wrappign source registry which can never be
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      Fix bug which causes compilation to leave empty temporary files on Genera · 6cc44d02
      Gary Palter authored and Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman committed
      Genera uses versioned pathnames. TMPIZE-PATHNAME creates a temporary file
      to ensure a unique name. If we leave that file, Genera will create a new
      version (i.e., version 2) when its caller opens the file for output. After
      that file is renamed, the original temporary file remains. Since Genera runs
      on a single core processor, the possibility of a name collision is minimal
      if not nil. So, don't keep the temporary file.
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      Bump version to · b17c089c
      Robert Goldman authored
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      Fix for issue #34. · 450f759f
      Robert Goldman authored
      Jingtao Xu discovered that package-inferred-system's could not handle
      files with different extensions, because the "lisp" extension was
      hard-coded into the system search function for
      This commit fixes that issue and adds a test.  Thanks to Jingtao Xu
      for the fix.
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      Bump version to · afd58f91
      Robert Goldman authored
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      Ignore spurious errors in SBCL compilation. · 2411d116
      Robert Goldman authored
      Ignore errors in sb-grovel-unknown-constant-condition-p.
      An error is raised if `simple-condition-format-control` is a formatter
      functionand is is passed to `string`. This now mirrors
      `match-condition-p` which also ignores errors when comparing a simple
      condition to a string.
      Test added to test-utilities.script for this issue.
      Thanks to Eric Timmons for the fix.
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