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SOURCES=iterate-bare.tex iter-man.tex
SOURCES=iterate-bare.tex iterate-manual.tex
all: iter-bare.pdf iter-man.pdf
all: iterate-bare.pdf iterate-manual.pdf
%.dvi: %.tex
touch $*.ind $*.idx
......@@ -1031,6 +1031,29 @@ function, then it is called on ~expr~ instead of being evaluated.
\subsubsection{Boolean Tests}
Returns |t| in the first cycle of the loop, otherwise \nil.
Returns |t| the first time the expression is evaluated, and then \nil\ forever.
This clause comes handy when printing (optional) elements separated
by a comma:
(iter (for el in '(nil 1 2 nil 3))
(when el
(unless (first-time-p)
(princ ", "))
(princ el)))
produces |"1, 2, 3"|.
\subsubsection{Aggregated Boolean Tests}
......@@ -2024,19 +2047,19 @@ Siskind helped ferret out many bugs.
% The index files must be generated with the genindex program
% or from makeindex iter-man.idx which creates iter-man.ind.
% or from makeindex iterate-manual.idx which creates iterate-manual.ind.
%\advance\baselineskip by -2pt
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