Commit 4ac64c2b authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman Committed by Attila Lendvai
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Add special form for CCL:COMPILER-LET.

Avoids unnecessary compiler warnings when using on Clozure Common Lisp.
parent e5962d73
......@@ -310,6 +310,9 @@
;; Prior to 2005, CLISP expanded handler-bind into some
;; sys::%handler-bind syntax not declared as a special operator.
#+clisp (handler-bind . walk-cddr) ; does not recognize clauses in handlers
;; pretty sure the bindings in compiler-let should NOT be transformed,
;; hence use of WALK-CDDR instead of WALK-LET
#+ccl (ccl:compiler-let . walk-cddr)
;; A suitable generalization would be a pattern language that describes
;; which car/cdr are forms to be walked, declarations or structure.
;; Walk with-*-iterator ourselves in order to avoid macrolet warnings.
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