Commit 75612575 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Add test for gitlab issue 9.

A spurious warning is generated by ITERATE when adding a type
declaration for driver variables.  This is caught by test `type.8`.
parent 501edfb2
......@@ -1393,6 +1393,22 @@
(minimize (the double-float '1.0d0)))
;;; this test catches problems with make-initial-value, which cannot find a good initial
;;; value for cases where the initial value should be NIL. This causes generation of a
;;; spurious warning.
(deftest type.8
(catch 'warned
(handler-bind ((simple-warning #'(lambda (w) (throw 'warned (format nil "~a" w))))
(error #'(lambda (w) (throw 'warned (format nil "~a" w)))))
(let ((vec (vector (make-instance 'polar :mag 2) (make-instance 'polar :mag 4))))
(nth-value 1
(iter (for x in-vector vec with-index i)
(declare (type (or null polar) x) (type fixnum i))
(with-slots (rho) x
(finding x such-that (= rho 4) into target))
(finally (return (values target i))))))))
(deftest static.error.1
(ignore-errors ; Iterate complains multiple values make no sense here
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