Commit 7ec14390 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Emit deprecation warning on use of "count."

The use of count, which hijacks a function definition in the CL package,
violates a design principle articulated in the manual and paper.
Instead, only "counting" should be supported.

When a program uses COUNT in the context of ITERATE, this will emit a
deprecation warning. The intent is to remove support for COUNT as a
synonym for COUNTING in the next version of ITERATE.
parent bdc46e48
......@@ -1047,9 +1047,36 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(defvar *final*)
(defvar *finalp*)
(defparameter *deprecated-clause-names* '((count . counting)))
(define-condition deprecation-warning (warning)
((keyword :initarg :keyword)
(substitute :initarg :substitute :initform nil)
(clause :initarg :clause))
(:report (lambda (dw stream)
(with-slots (keyword substitute clause) dw
(format stream
"~s appears to be used as an ITERATE clause keyword, in this sexpression: ~S. ~
This use is now deprecated and will cease to be ~
supported in a future version. ~@[Please use the alternative keyword ~s instead.~] If you intended ~2:*~s to ~
be interpreted as a function call, instead of an ITERATE clause, you must find an alternative way of calling it, ~
at present, perhaps by using FUNCALL or APPLY."
keyword clause substitute keyword)))))
(defun check-clause-name (clause)
(let* ((sym (first clause))
(entry (find sym *deprecated-clause-names* :key 'car)))
(when entry
(warn 'deprecation-warning :keyword sym :substitute (cdr entry)
:clause clause)
;; warn only once per session
(setf *deprecated-clause-names*
(delete entry *deprecated-clause-names*)))))
(defun process-clause (clause)
(check-clause-name clause)
;; This should observe the invariant that the forms it returns are
;; already copied from the original code, hence nconc-able.
;; already copied from the original code, hence nconc-able.
(let ((*clause* clause)
(special-func (assoc (car clause) *special-clause-alist*)))
(if special-func
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