Commit e0cc021a authored by Steve Losh's avatar Steve Losh Committed by Robert Goldman
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Fix control flow when the loop contains NIL blocks

Control flow clauses that return from an iterate form without executing
the epilogue code (e.g. `never` and `leave`) currently do so by
expanding into `(return-from ,*block-name*)`.  For iterate forms without
a user-provided name, the block will be named `nil`.  This causes
problems when used with other Common Lisp looping constructs such as

      (for i :from 0 :below 10)
      (dolist (x '(5 10 15))
        (never (= i x))))
    ; => T, but should be NIL

This patch adds a separate `*loop-name*` variable that will be bound to
a gensym for `NIL`-named blocks and makes the various epilogue-skipping
code refer to that instead of `*block-name*`.  Iterate forms *without*
an explicit user-provided name will still have a separate `(block nil
...)` wrapping so users can still `(return ...)` as before.

Before (simplified):

    (iterate (leave))
    ; ==> (block nil (return-from nil))

    (iterate foo (leave))
    ; ==> (block foo (return-from nil))


    (iterate (leave))
    ; ==> (block nil (block #:ITERATE123 (return-from #:ITERATE123)))

    (iterate foo (leave))
    ; ==> (block foo (return-from foo))
parent 0914f44e
......@@ -1355,6 +1355,14 @@
(finally (error "not found")))
(deftest nil.block.names
(iter (for x in '(1 2 3))
(dolist (y '(5 3 4))
(when (= x y)
(leave x)))
(finally (error "not found")))
(deftest lambda
(iter (for i index-of-sequence "ab")
(collecting ((lambda(n) (cons 1 n)) i)))
......@@ -254,6 +254,7 @@
;;; return statements.
(defvar *block-name*)
(defvar *loop-name*)
;;; The index of standard clauses (a discrimination tree). This is a
;;; defvar so that reloading doesn't clobber existing defs (though it
......@@ -564,12 +565,15 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(*declarations* nil)
(*loop-body-wrappers* nil)
(*accum-var-alist* nil)
(*shared-bindings-alist* nil)
(*shared-bindings-alist* nil)
(*top-level?* t)
(*binding-context?* nil)
(*temps* nil)
(*temps-in-use* nil)
(*driver-info-alist* nil)
(*loop-name* (if (symbolp (car body))
(car body)
(gensym "ITERATE")))
(*block-name* (if (symbolp (car body))
(pop body)
......@@ -586,19 +590,22 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(augment init-code init)
(augment steppers step))
(prepend (default-driver-code) body)
(let ((it-bod `(block ,*block-name*
(progn ,.init-code)
(progn ,.body)
,.(if *loop-step-used?* (list *loop-step*))
(progn ,.steppers)
(go ,*loop-top*)
,.(if *loop-end-used?* (list *loop-end*))
(progn ,.final-code))
,(if (member *result-var* *bindings* :key #'car)
(let* ((it-bod `(block ,*loop-name*
(progn ,.init-code)
(progn ,.body)
,.(if *loop-step-used?* (list *loop-step*))
(progn ,.steppers)
(go ,*loop-top*)
,.(if *loop-end-used?* (list *loop-end*))
(progn ,.final-code))
,(if (member *result-var* *bindings* :key #'car)
(it-bod (if (eql *block-name* nil)
`(block nil ,it-bod)
(wrap-form *loop-body-wrappers*
`(let* ,(nreverse *bindings*)
,.(if *declarations*
......@@ -2986,7 +2993,7 @@ e.g. (DSETQ (VALUES (a . b) nil c) form)"
;;; (LEAVE &optional)
(defmacro leave (&optional value)
"Exit the loop without running the epilogue code"
`(return-from ,*block-name* ,value))
`(return-from ,*loop-name* ,value))
;;; (WHILE)
(defclause (while expr)
......@@ -3015,7 +3022,7 @@ e.g. (DSETQ (VALUES (a . b) nil c) form)"
(let ((var *result-var*))
(make-accum-var-binding var t :if-exists)
(return-code :body `((or (setq ,var ,expr)
(return-from ,*block-name* nil))))))
(return-from ,*loop-name* nil))))))
;;; (NEVER)
(defclause (never expr)
......@@ -3025,7 +3032,7 @@ e.g. (DSETQ (VALUES (a . b) nil c) form)"
(let ((var *result-var*))
;; Do not use :type 'symbol so as be compatible with ALWAYS
(make-accum-var-binding var t :if-exists)
(return-code :body `((if ,expr (return-from ,*block-name* nil))))))
(return-code :body `((if ,expr (return-from ,*loop-name* nil))))))
......@@ -3036,7 +3043,7 @@ e.g. (DSETQ (VALUES (a . b) nil c) form)"
(let ((var *result-var*))
(make-accum-var-default-binding var :if-exists)
(return-code :body `((if (setq ,var ,expr)
(return-from ,*block-name* ,var))))))
(return-from ,*loop-name* ,var))))))
;;; Finders.
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