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Update notes.

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......@@ -9,6 +9,17 @@ o The handling of ENTRY functions sometimes left undefined variables
in the generated code. This is fixed now.
o Implied-do loops with a step value did not correctly handle the
step, treating the step as a function call.
o FORMAT statements like 100(/8F12.6) would end up printing up to 100
newlines even when there were only a few arguments to be printed.
This bug is fixed and processing stops when we run out of arguments
to print.
o DFLOAT function added to the list of instrinsics.
o Cleaned out old, unused stuff from macros.l.
o Added *STOP-SIGNALS-ERROR-P* to control whether STOP should signal a
continuable error or not.
o The DEFPARAMETER's for common blocks are now top-level forms as they
should be to get the desired compile-time side effects.
o Implied-do loops with a step are now handled correctly.
August 2008
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