Commit 4d1c5857 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Disable files that won't work with f2cl/lisp

These files generally won't work because arrays are of different
types.  I think they're work arrays which are of type REAL being
passed to routines that declare them to be COMPLEX or REAL*8 arrays.

Can't do that in lisp.
parent 5b211f67
......@@ -34,16 +34,16 @@
(:file "c1f5kf")
(:file "c1fgkb")
(:file "c1fgkf")
(:file "c1fm1b")
(:file "c1fm1f")
(:file "cfft1b" :depends-on ("xerfft"))
(:file "cfft1f" :depends-on ("xerfft"))
;;(:file "c1fm1b")
;;(:file "c1fm1f")
;;(:file "cfft1b" :depends-on ("xerfft" "c1fm1b"))
;;(:file "cfft1f" :depends-on ("xerfft" "c1fm1f"))
(:file "cfft1i" :depends-on ("xerfft" "mcfti1"))
(:file "cfft2b" :depends-on ("xerfft" "cfftmb"))
(:file "cfft2f" :depends-on ("xerfft" "cfftmf"))
;;(:file "cfft2b" :depends-on ("xerfft" "cfftmb"))
;;(:file "cfft2f" :depends-on ("xerfft" "cfftmf"))
(:file "cfft2i" :depends-on ("xerfft" "cfftmi"))
(:file "cfftmb" :depends-on ("xerfft" "xercon" "cmfm1b"))
(:file "cfftmf" :depends-on ("xerfft" "xercon" "cmfm1f"))
;;(:file "cfftmb" :depends-on ("xerfft" "xercon" "cmfm1b"))
;;(:file "cfftmf" :depends-on ("xerfft" "xercon" "cmfm1f"))
(:file "cfftmi" :depends-on ("xerfft" "mcfti1"))
(:file "cmf2kb")
(:file "cmf2kf")
......@@ -55,23 +55,23 @@
(:file "cmf5kf")
(:file "cmfgkb")
(:file "cmfgkf")
(:file "cmfm1b" :depends-on ("cmf2kb" "cmf3kb" "cmf4kb" "cmf5kb" "cmfgkb"))
(:file "cmfm1f" :depends-on ("cmf2kf" "cmf3kf" "cmf4kf" "cmf5kf" "cmfgkf"))
;;(:file "cmfm1b" :depends-on ("cmf2kb" "cmf3kb" "cmf4kb" "cmf5kb" "cmfgkb"))
;;(:file "cmfm1f" :depends-on ("cmf2kf" "cmf3kf" "cmf4kf" "cmf5kf" "cmfgkf"))
(:file "cosq1b" :depends-on ("cosqb1"))
(:file "cosq1f" :depends-on ("cosqf1"))
(:file "cosq1i" :depends-on ("rfft1i"))
(:file "cosqb1" :depends-on ("rfft1b"))
(:file "cosqf1" :depends-on ("rfft1f"))
(:file "cosqmb" :depends-on ("mcsqb1"))
(:file "cosqmf" :depends-on ("mcsqf1"))
(:file "cosqmb" :depends-on ("mcsqb1" "xercon"))
(:file "cosqmf" :depends-on ("mcsqf1" "xercon"))
(:file "cosqmi" :depends-on ("rfftmi"))
(:file "cost1b" :depends-on ("costb1"))
(:file "cost1f" :depends-on ("costf1"))
(:file "cost1i" :depends-on ("rfft1i"))
(:file "costb1" :depends-on ("rfft1f"))
(:file "costf1" :depends-on ("rfft1f"))
(:file "costmb" :depends-on ("mcstb1"))
(:file "costmf" :depends-on ("mcstf1"))
;;(:file "costmb" :depends-on ("mcstb1"))
;;(:file "costmf" :depends-on ("mcstf1"))
(:file "costmi" :depends-on ("rfftmi"))
(:file "factor")
(:file "mcfti1" :depends-on ("factor" "tables"))
......@@ -108,28 +108,28 @@
(:file "rfft1b" :depends-on ("rfftb1"))
(:file "rfft1f" :depends-on ("rfftf1"))
(:file "rfft1i" :depends-on ("rffti1"))
(:file "rfft2b" :depends-on ("rfftmb" "w2r"))
(:file "rfft2f" :depends-on ("rfftmf" "w2r"))
;;(:file "rfft2b" :depends-on ("rfftmb" "w2r"))
;;(:file "rfft2f" :depends-on ("rfftmf" "w2r"))
(:file "rfft2i" :depends-on ("rfftmi"))
(:file "rfftb1" :depends-on ("r1f4kb" "r1f2kb" "r1f3kb" "r1f5kb" "r1fgkb"))
(:file "rfftf1" :depends-on ("r1f4kf" "r1f2kf" "r1f3kf" "r1f5kf" "r1fgkf"))
(:file "rffti1")
(:file "rfftmb" :depends-on ("mrftb1"))
(:file "rfftmf" :depends-on ("mrftf1"))
(:file "rfftmb" :depends-on ("mrftb1" "xercon"))
(:file "rfftmf" :depends-on ("mrftf1" "xercon"))
(:file "rfftmi" :depends-on ("mrfti1"))
(:file "sinq1b")
(:file "sinq1f")
(:file "sinq1i")
(:file "sinqmb")
(:file "sinqmf")
(:file "sinqmb" :depends-on ("xercon"))
(:file "sinqmf" :depends-on ("xercon"))
(:file "sinqmi")
(:file "sint1b" :depends-on ("sintb1"))
(:file "sint1f" :depends-on ("sintf1"))
(:file "sint1i")
(:file "sintb1")
(:file "sintf1")
(:file "sintmb")
(:file "sintmf")
;;(:file "sintmb")
;;(:file "sintmf")
(:file "sintmi")
(:file "tables")
(:file "w2r")
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