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;;; -*- Mode: lisp; Package: CL-USER -*-
;;; Defsystem for COLNEW. Everything should compile, but the result
;;; is untested.
(in-package #:cl-user)
(mk:define-language :f2cl
:compiler #'f2cl:f2cl-compile
:source-extension "f")
(defparameter *colnew-root*
(make-pathname :host (pathname-host *load-pathname*)
:directory (pathname-directory *load-pathname*)))
;; Defsystem for quadpack.
(mk:defsystem colnew
:source-pathname *colnew-root*
((:module colnew
:source-extension "f"
:language :f2cl
:compiler-options (:common-as-array t)
;; Linpack routines needed by colnew
(:file "dgesl")
(:file "dgefa")
;; BLAS routines needed by above
(:file "daxpy")
(:file "ddot")
(:file "dscal")
(:file "idamax")
;; Simple compatibility to define DFLOAT and to define
;; all of the needed common blocks in one place.
(:file "compat"
:compiler-options (:declare-common t :common-as-array t))
;; COLNEW itself, broken down into one subroutine per
;; file.
(:file "colnew"
:depends-on ("compat" "consts" "newmsh" "contrl"))
(:file "contrl"
:depends-on ("compat" "lsyslv" "skale" "errchk" "newmsh"))
(:file "skale"
:depends-on ("compat"))
(:file "newmsh"
:depends-on ("compat" "approx" "horder"))
(:file "consts"
:depends-on ("compat" "vmonde" "rkbas"))
(:file "errchk")
(:file "lsyslv"
:depends-on ("compat" "vwblok" "gblock" "gderiv" "fcblok"
"sbblok" "dmzsol"))
(:file "gderiv")
(:file "vwblok"
:depends-on ("compat" "dgesl" "dgefa"))
(:file "gblock"
:depends-on ("compat" "dgesl"))
(:file "appsln")
(:file "approx"
:depends-on ("compat"))
(:file "rkbas"
:depends-on ("compat"))
(:file "vmonde"
:depends-on ("compat"))
(:file "horder")
(:file "dmzsol"
:depends-on ("factrb" "shiftb"))
(:file "fcblok")
(:file "factrb")
(:file "shiftb")
(:file "sbblok"
:depends-on ("subfor" "subbak"))
(:file "subfor")
(:file "subbak")))))
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