Commit a981b16f authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Add defsystem for building lsoda routines

Make the deme depend on this ssytems instead of odepack.  Demo runs.
parent 88faba25
......@@ -249,6 +249,59 @@
:depends-on ("daxpy" "ddot"))
(:file "ddot")))))
(defsystem odepack-lsoda
:pathname "odepack/"
((:module "package"
:pathname ""
((:file "package")))
(:module "lsoda"
:pathname ""
:default-component-class odepack-fortran-file
(:file "dlsoda"
:depends-on ("dstoda" "xerrwd" "dewset" "dmnorm" "dintdy" "dumach"
:perform (compile-op :around (op c)
(fortran-compile op c
:common-as-array t :declare-common t)))
(:file "dsolsy"
:depends-on ("dgesl" "dgbsl"))
(:file "dgesl"
:depends-on ("daxpy" "ddot"))
(:file "dgbsl"
:depends-on ("daxpy"))
(:file "dstoda"
:depends-on ("dcfode" "dmnorm" "dprja"))
(:file "dprja"
:depends-on ("dfnorm" "dgefa" "dbnorm" "dgbfa"))
(:file "dfnorm")
(:file "dgefa"
:depends-on ("idamax" "dscal" "daxpy"))
(:file "dbnorm")
(:file "dgbfa"
:depends-on ("idamax" "dscal" "daxpy"))
(:file "dcfode")
(:file "dintdy")
(:file "dmnorm")
(:file "dewset")
(:file "xerrwd"
:depends-on ("ixsav"))
(:file "ixsav"
:depends-on ("iumach"))
(:file "iumach")
(:file "dumach"
:depends-on ("dumsum"))
(:file "dumsum")
(:file "idamax")
(:file "dscal")
(:file "daxpy")
(:file "ddot")
;;; Demo programs
......@@ -299,7 +352,7 @@
;; Output matches Fortran code.
(defsystem odedemo-lsoda
:pathname "odepack/"
:depends-on ("odepack")
:depends-on ("odepack-lsoda")
((:module "demo3"
:default-component-class odepack-fortran-file
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