Commit e988eaa0 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Check for reserved names in lun for WRITE

In hompack fixpdf.f there's the line

  write(trace, 117) ...

f2cl was translating this to

(f2cl-lib:fformat trace ...)

But f2cl already renamed the variable `trace` to `trace$` so
`f2cl-lib:format` was referring to an unknown variable.

So when we parse the lun we need to check for reserved lisp names so
we get the right name.
parent 796624d9
......@@ -3190,7 +3190,7 @@
;; DEST can be any arbitrary expression, so we need to parse it.
(defun parse_format_dest (dest)
(cond ((null (rest dest))
(if (eq (first dest) '*) t (first dest)))
(if (eq (first dest) '*) t (check-reserved-lisp-names (first dest))))
(id-expression dest))))
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