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atan2 is the generic name for the atan2 function

Since it's the generic name, atan2 can take any float type as args.
Make it so.

Also rename the args to better reflect what the args actually
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......@@ -918,12 +918,13 @@ is not included")
(defun datan (x)
(declare (type double-float x))
(atan x))
(defun atan2 (x y)
(declare (type single-float x))
(atan x y))
(defun datan2 (x y)
;; atan2 is the generic name which takes any kind of float arg.
(defun atan2 (y x)
(declare (type float x y))
(atan y x))
(defun datan2 (y x)
(declare (type double-float x y))
(atan x y))
(atan y x))
(defun dsinh (x)
(declare (type double-float x))
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